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uk /kəˈlekt/ us /kəˈlekt/

collect verb (GET)

A2 [ T ] mainly UK to go to a place and bring someone or something away from it:

Your shoes will be repaired and ready for you to collect on Thursday.
I'll collect you from the station.

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collect verb (BRING TOGETHER)

B1 [ T ] to bring something together from different places or over a period of time:

After the party I collected (up) bottles from various parts of the house.
These china ornaments just collect dust.

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collectnoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈlekt/ us /kəˈlekt/

collectadjective, adverb

uk /kəˈlekt/ us /kəˈlekt/ US

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collectverb [ I/T ]

us /kəˈlekt/

collect verb [ I/T ] (GATHER)

to come or bring together from a variety of places or over a period of time:

[ I ] A crowd of people soon collected at the scene of the accident.
[ T ] Information about employment is collected from every state.

People sometimes collect one particular type of object as a hobby:

[ T ] I’ve got three kids who collect football cards.

collect verb [ I/T ] (RECEIVE)

to receive money that you are owed or have earned:

[ T ] You can begin to collect benefits under Social Security at age 62.

collectadjective, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /kəˈlekt/

collect adjective, adverb [ not gradable ] (BY TELEPHONE)

(of a telephone call or the act of calling) done in a way that will be paid by the person receiving it:

a collect call
You can call me collect.

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uk /kəˈlekt/ us

[ T ] to buy and keep a particular type of thing as a hobby or an investment:

She mostly collects American art.

[ T ] to bring information together from different places:

collect information/data/evidence Market research companies collect data on consumers' preferences.

[ T ] FINANCE to ask for and get money that is owed:

collect debts/fees/payments/taxes Collecting taxes on services is tricky, and e-commerce can only make it harder.
collect revenue/rent Why not buy a property and collect the rent yourself?

[ I or T ] FINANCE to receive a payment that you have a right to have:

collect insurance/a pension/social security Employees with more than 20 years service can collect a full pension.
collect on insurance/an investment When he died, she collected on his life insurance.

[ T ] BANKING to arrange for the amount written on a cheque to be paid out of a bank account:

When a bank clerk indorses a check, the bank collecting the check guarantees that the indorsement is genuine.

collectadjective, adverb

uk /kəˈlekt/ us US

COMMUNICATIONS if someone phones collect or makes a collect phone call, the person they phone pays for the call:

Computer-based phone dialing equipment makes it possible to place a collect call without using an operator.

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