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Significado de “command” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "command" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /kəˈmɑːnd/  us   /-ˈmænd/

command noun (ORDER)

B2 [C] an ​order, ​especially one given by a ​soldier: You will ​runforward at (= when you ​hear) my command. When I give the command, ​fire! He ​hated being in the ​army because he had to obey commands.C2 [U] control over someone or something and ​responsibility for him, her, or it: Colonel Sailing has command over/is in command of the ​Guards Regiment. Lee took command of the Confederate Army in 1862. The ​soldiers were under the command of a ​toughsergeantmajor.
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command noun (COMPUTER)

C1 [C] an ​instruction to a ​computer to ​perform a ​particularaction

command noun (KNOWLEDGE)

B2 [S or U] a ​greatknowledge of a ​subject and an ​ability to use that ​knowledge: She has animpressive command of the ​Englishlanguage.

command noun (VIEW)

[S] formal a ​view: the castle's ​position with ​its command of the ​surroundingcountryside


uk   /kəˈmɑːnd/  us   /-ˈmænd/

command verb (ORDER)

[I or T] to give someone an ​order: [+ to infinitive] The ​officer commanded his men toshoot. [+ that] He commanded that the ​troops (should) ​cross the ​water. [I or T] to ​control someone or something and ​tell him, her, or it what to do: Colonel Sailing commands the ​Guards Regiment.
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  • I commanded them to ​halt.
  • He commanded one of the ​Highlandregiments.
  • He can't go round commanding ​people to do what he says.
  • He commanded the ​ship during the second ​worldwar.
  • The ​queen commands that you should go to her at ​once.

command verb (RECEIVE)

[T] to ​deserve and get something good, such as ​attention, ​respect, or a lot of ​money: She was one of those ​teachers who just commanded respect. She commands one of the ​highestfeesperfilm in ​Hollywood.

command verb (VIEW)

[T] formal to give a ​view: The ​masterbedroom commands a view of ​rollinggreenhills.

Commandnoun [C]

uk   /kəˈmɑːnd/  us   /-ˈmænd/
a ​group of ​soldiers or an ​areacontrolled by a ​commander: Western Command
(Definition of command from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "command" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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commandverb [T]

 us   /kəˈmænd/

command verb [T] (ORDER)

to give someone an ​order or ​orders with ​authority: The ​police commanded the ​driver to ​stop the ​car.

command verb [T] (RECEIVE)

to ​deserve and ​receive because of ​specialqualities or ​actions: She commands one of the ​highestsalaries in ​Hollywood.


 us   /kəˈmænd/

command noun (KNOWLEDGE)

[U] a good ​knowledge of something and the ​ability to use it: The ​study of ​physicsrequires a command of ​mathematics.

command noun (ORDER)

[C/U] an ​order, or the ​authority to give ​orders: [C] “When I give the command, ​fall in!” the ​officershouted. [U] General MacArthur took command of (= took ​militarycontrol over)UnitedNationsforces in ​South Korea. [C/U] In ​computing, a command is an ​instruction to a ​computer to ​perform a ​specificaction.
(Definition of command from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "command" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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commandnoun [C]

uk   us   /kəˈmɑːnd/
IT an ​instruction to a ​computer: Jobs in ​manufacturing are more likely to involve ​typing in commands on a ​computer than ​pullinglevers on ​machines.
(Definition of command from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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