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communismnoun [ U ]

also Communism uk /ˈkɒm.jə.nɪ.zəm/ us /ˈkɑː.m.jə.nɪ.zəm/

the belief in a society without different social classes in which the methods of production are owned and controlled by all its members and everyone works as much as they can and receives what they need


  • The 1970s witnessed the first of the pop-star's dalliances with communism.
  • Thanks to the collapse of communism the political antithesis between Left and Right is less important.
  • The whole apparatus of communism was already falling apart.
  • Marx was the progenitor of communism.
  • There are few true believers in communism left in the party.
adjective, noun also Communist uk /ˈkɒm.jə.nɪst/ us /ˈkɑː.m.jə.nɪst/


  • Until about 1991, the Eastern bloc was the Soviet Union and the communist countries of eastern Europe.
  • They were discussing the best way to foster democracy and prosperity in the former communist countries.
  • She blames her country's economic collapse on 40 years of communist misrule.
  • Both countries had recently thrown off the communist yoke.
  • He is a committed communist.

the Communist Party
communist ideology
Was she ever a Communist?

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communism en inglés americano

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communismnoun [ U ]

us /ˈkɑm·jəˌnɪz·əm/

politics & government an economic system based on public ownership of property and control of the methods of production, and in which no person profits from the work of others

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communism en inglés de negocios

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communismnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈkɒmjʊnɪzəm/ us also Communism POLITICS, ECONOMICS

a political theory that believes that the state should control the methods of production, there should be no separate social classes and everyone should be treated equally:

the ideology of communism

a political and economic system that is officially based on this theory:

The book deals with the realities of life under Communism in the former Soviet Union.

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