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uk /kəˈmjuːt/ us /kəˈmjuːt/

commutenoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈmjuːt/ us /kəˈmjuːt/ informal

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commute en inglés americano

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us /kəˈmjut/

commute verb (TRAVEL)

[ I ] to travel regularly a distance between work and home:

She commutes to the city by car every day.

commute verb (CHANGE)

[ T ] to change a punishment into another that is less severe:

The governor commuted the sentence and released the prisoner.
noun [ C ] us /kəˈmjut/

The commute is not too bad – just over an hour.
noun [ C ] us /kəˈmjut̬·ər/

The 5:30 train is always packed with commuters.

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commute en inglés de negocios

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uk /kəˈmjuːt/ us

[ I ] TRANSPORT to make the same journey regularly from home to work:

He commuted every day, back and forth, an hour and 20 minutes each way.
Debbie works for an investment bank and is presently commuting between Paris and Luxemburg.
Duffy has commuted from Windsor to London for the past seven years.

[ T ] FINANCE, INSURANCE to exchange one type of payment or investment for another type:

Pensioners who commute their pension for a lump sum sometimes face huge losses.

[ T ] LAW to replace a punishment with a less severe one:

Davis still faces execution unless the parole board commutes his sentence to life in prison.

commutenoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈmjuːt/ us

TRANSPORT a journey that someone does regularly from home to work:

a 90 minute/50km/30 mile commute Every morning during his 85-mile commute he has plenty of time to think about the day ahead.
a daily/weekly commute Cutting out the daily commute is the most obvious attraction of teleworking.
a long/short commute The survey provides evidence that low-paid workers are forced to endure long commutes into the capital.

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