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competitornoun [ C ]

uk /kəmˈpet.ɪ.tər/ us /kəmˈpet̬.ə.t̬ɚ/

B1 a person, team, or company that is competing against others:

Their prices are better than any of their competitors.
How many competitors took part in the race?

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competitor en inglés de negocios

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competitornoun [ C ]

uk /kəmˈpetɪtər/ us

a person, product, company, etc. that is trying to compete with others, for example, by trying to make bigger sales in a particular market:

chief/main/major competitor At least one major competitor is gearing up to provide local service at lower prices.
domestic/foreign/overseas competitor In an effort to undercut foreign competitors, the company recently unveiled a low-end model that sells for as little as $360.
Many companies focus much of their energy on taking market share from their competitors.

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