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completionnoun [ U ]

uk /kəmˈpliː.ʃən/ us /kəmˈpliː.ʃən/

C1 the act of finishing something that you are doing or making:

You'll be paid on completion of the project.
The road repair work is nearing completion (= almost finished).

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completion en inglés de negocios

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completionnoun [ U or C ]

uk /kəmˈpliːʃən/ us UK US closing

BANKING, FINANCE, PROPERTY the final stage of arranging a loan, or of buying or selling a house, building, or piece of land:

The balance will be due on completion.
On completion day, the legal ends are tied up, you collect the keys and move into your new home.

the fact of finishing something that is being done or made:

Completion of the project is still several months away.
You will be asked to pay an initial deposit and the balance on completion of the work.
She received a letter about the satisfactory completion of her probationary period.
The diploma will be awarded after a completion of all the course requirements.

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