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uk /kənˈsɜːn/ us /kənˈsɝːn/

concern verb (WORRY)

C1 [ T ] to cause worry to someone:

The state of my father's health concerns us greatly.
[ + that ] It concerns me that he hasn't been in contact.

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concern verb (INVOLVE)

B2 [ T ] to be important to someone or to involve someone directly:

Matters of pollution and the environment concern us all.
What I have to say to Amy doesn't concern you.

B2 [ T ] formal If a story, film, or article concerns a particular subject, person, etc., it is about that person or subject:

The documentary concerns a woman who goes to China as a missionary.
concern yourself

to become involved with something, or worried about something:

There's no need for you to concern yourself with what happened.
Don't concern yourself. She'll be home soon.
to whom it may concern

something you write at the start of a formal letter or notice when you do not know exactly who it should be sent to

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uk /kənˈsɜːn/ us /kənˈsɝːn/

concern noun (WORRY)

B2 [ C or U ] a worried or nervous feeling about something, or something that makes you feel worried:

Concern for the safety of the two missing teenagers is growing.
There's a lot of public concern about/over dangerous toxins recently found in food.
[ + that ] My concern is that you're not getting enough work done.

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concern noun (IMPORTANT TO)

B2 [ C or U ] something that is important to you, or the fact of being important:

The company's sole concern is to ensure the safety of its employees.
There's a matter of some concern that I have to discuss with you.

[ C or U ] something that involves or affects you or is important to you:

What were the major concerns of the writers from this period?
I don't want to hear about it - it's no concern of mine!
"What's happening?" "That's none of/not any of your concern."
be of concern

to be important:

The results of the election are of concern to us all.

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concern en inglés americano

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concernverb [ T ]

us /kənˈsɜrn/

concern verb [ T ] (WORRY)

to trouble someone with feelings of anxiety; worry:

The loss didn’t bother him, but his team’s confidence concerns him.

concern verb [ T ] (INVOLVE)

to involve someone or something; have to do with:

This is an issue that should concern everyone.

If a story concerns a particular subject, it tells a story about that subject:

The novel concerns the daily life of a family living in a trailer.


us /kənˈsɜrn/

concern noun (BUSINESS)

[ C ] fml a company:

He heads a large concern in the midwest.

concern noun (INVOLVEMENT)

[ U ] a matter of importance esp. because it involves you:

Issues of good and evil are not our primary concern here.
What you do is no concern of mine (= I do not care).

concern noun (WORRY)

[ C/U ] a worried feeling, or a state of anxiety:

[ C ] Parents expressed a lot of concerns about the changes in school policies.

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concern en inglés de negocios

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uk /kənˈsɜːn/ us

[ C ] formal a business or company:

Two of the country's largest steel concerns are considering cuts in production.
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[ U or C ] the fact of feeling worried about something, or something that makes you worry:

concern about/over sth There was a lot of public concern over the new legislation.
Please raise any concerns regarding this decision with your manager.

concernverb [ T ]

uk /kənˈsɜːn/ us

to be important to someone, or to involve or affect someone:

Managers complained that they were spending too much time going to meetings that didn't actually concern them.

to worry someone:

If there are issues which concern you, discuss the matter with a specialist financial adviser.

also be concerned with to be about a particular subject:

Our research is concerned with new forms of work organization.
To whom it may concern

COMMUNICATIONS a phrase you write at the beginning of a formal or public letter when you do not know exactly who it should be sent to

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