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conclusion en inglés británico

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uk /kənˈkluː.ʒən/ us /kənˈkluː.ʒən/

conclusion noun (LAST PART)

C2 [ C ] the final part of something:

Be careful not to introduce new ideas in the conclusion of your essay.
in conclusion formal

B2 finally:

In conclusion, I would like to thank our guest speaker.

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conclusion en inglés americano

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conclusionnoun [ C ]

us /kənˈklu·ʒən/

conclusion noun [ C ] (JUDGMENT)

a decision made after a lot of consideration:

Dr. Gille couldn’t reach any conclusions based on the symptoms I described.
[ + that clause ] We came to the conclusion that someone was not telling the truth.

conclusion noun [ C ] (END)

the last part of something:

The novel’s conclusion is disappointing.


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conclusion en inglés de negocios

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uk /kənˈkluːʒən/ us

[ C ] a decision or judgment that is made after careful thought:

The findings and conclusions of the report are simply guidelines, not rulings.
reach/come to/draw a conclusion Information is gathered into a profile and analytical software draws conclusions about the customer's likely interests.
come to the conclusion that The new boss soon came to the conclusion that the German company could turn round the ailing British subsidiary.

[ S ] the end of a meeting, a speech, a performance, etc.:

Unions called for a conclusion of the negotiations by the end of the week.
The United States trade representative, speaking at the conclusion of the talks on Wednesday, made it clear that the two countries still had significant differences on these issues.

[ S or U ] the fact of something being arranged or agreed formally:

This latest development has removed a major obstacle to the conclusion of the deal.
in conclusion

formal said or written when you are ending a speech, report, etc.:

I want to re-emphasise in conclusion my commitment to the new climate of partnership in this country.
In conclusion, it seems that the increasing incidence of audit committees has not restored confidence in financial reporting.

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