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Significado de “conduct” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "conduct" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /kənˈdʌkt/

conduct verb (ORGANIZE)

B2 [T] to ​organize and ​perform a ​particularactivity: We are conducting a ​survey to ​find out what ​ourcustomersthink of ​theirlocalbusservice. The ​experiments were conducted by ​scientists in New York. How you ​choose to conduct ​yourprivatelife is ​your own ​business!
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conduct verb (BEHAVE)

conduct yourself C2 to ​behave in a ​particular way, ​especially in a ​public or ​formalsituation, or to ​organize the way in which you ​live in a ​particular way: How should I conduct myself at these ​dinners? I ​know nothing about ​etiquette.

conduct verb (SHOW WAY)

[T usually + adv/prep] formal to ​lead someone to a ​particularplace: May I conduct you toyourtable, ​sir, or would you ​prefer to have a ​drink at the ​bar first? The ​protesters were conducted from the ​courtroom by two ​policeofficers. [T] If you conduct a tour of a ​place, you take ​people around the ​place and show it to them: A ​guide conducts tours of the ​cathedral every ​afternoon at 2.00. a conducted tour of the ​palace

conduct verb (MUSIC)

B2 [I or T] to ​direct the ​performance of ​musicians or a ​piece of ​music: The ​orchestra was conducted by Mira Shapur. Who's conducting at tonight's ​concert?

conduct verb (ALLOW THROUGH)

[T] to ​allowelectricity or ​heat to go through: Copper conducts ​electricity, but ​plastic does not.

conductnoun [U]

uk   /ˈkɒn.dʌkt/  us   /ˈkɑːn-/

conduct noun [U] (BEHAVIOUR)

behaviour: bad/​excellent/​disgraceful conduct The ​club has a ​strict code (= set of ​rules) of conduct.
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conduct noun [U] (ORGANIZATION)

formal the way in which an ​activity is ​organized and ​performed: He was ​criticized for his conduct of the ​inquiry.
(Definition of conduct from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "conduct" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /kənˈdʌkt/

conduct verb (DIRECT)

[T] to ​organize and ​direct a ​particularactivity: The ​experiments were conducted by ​leadingscientists. [T] fml To conduct ​people to a ​place is to ​walk there with them: The ​usher conducted us to ​ourseats.

conduct verb (MUSIC)

[I/T] to ​direct the ​performance of ​musicians or a ​piece of ​music: [T] The ​orchestra was conducted by Thomas.

conduct verb (BEHAVE)

[T] to ​cause yourself to ​behave in a ​particular or ​controlledmanner: I won’t ​tell them how to conduct ​theirlives.

conduct verb (ALLOW THROUGH)

physics, chemistry [T] to ​allowelectricity or ​heat to ​flow through

conductnoun [U]

 us   /ˈkɑn·dʌkt/
behavior: His conduct at the ​meeting was ​inappropriate.
(Definition of conduct from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "conduct" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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conductverb [T]

uk   us   /kənˈdʌkt/
to do something, or make something ​happen: We ​seek to conduct ​business in an ​ethical manner. Staff ​meetings were conducted in various ​locations. In February, he ​resigned from the ​board after ​regulatorsbarred him from conducting securities ​transactions for four months.
to ​organize a particular ​activity in ​order to ​find out or prove facts: conduct a poll/study/survey They conducted a ​survey to ​find out what ​type of ​technicalsupportcustomers might want. Much of what is known about ​careermanagementsystems is ​based on the ​research conducted in western countries. Tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday showed asbestos in unacceptable ​levels in soil and debris at the ​site.
conduct yourself to ​behave in a particular way: We expect ​members of our ​industry to conduct themselves with the ​highestlevels of ​integrity.

conductnoun [U]

uk   us   /ˈkɒndʌkt/
the way in which a ​business or an ​activity is ​organized: The ​reportasks many ​questions about the ​day-to-day conduct of the industry's affairs. All ​registeredbrokers or ​dealers that use ​computers in the conduct of their ​business are ​subject to the ​requirements of this ​rule.
the particular way in which someone ​behaves: The ​reportfound that his ​treatment of his ​staff was "inconsistent with the high ​standard of conduct expected of ​seniorexecutives". The ​coalitionadopted a ​voluntarycode of ​ethics and ​standards for business conduct.
(Definition of conduct from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
Traducciones de “conduct”
en coreano 행동…
en árabe سُلوك…
in Malaysian pengurusa…
en francés conduite…
en ruso поведение…
en chino (tradicionál) 組織, 實施, 進行…
en italiano condotta…
en turco davranış, hal, tavır…
en polaco zachowanie…
en español dirección, gestión…
in Vietnamese cách chỉ đạo…
en portugués conduta, comportamento…
in Thai การจัดการ…
en alemán die Führung…
en catalán conducta…
en japonés ふるまい…
en chino (simplificado) 组织, 实施, 进行…
in Indonesian penanganan…
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