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confederacy en inglés británico

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confederacynoun [ C, + sing/pl verb ]

uk /kənˈfed.ər.ə.si/ us /kənˈfed.ɚ.ə.si/

the situation in which states or people join together for a particular purpose, usually related to politics or trade

the Confederacynoun [ S ]

uk /ˌkənˈfed.ər.ə.si/ us /ˌkənˈfed.ər.ə.si/

the union of southern American states that fought against the northern states in the American Civil War and were defeated in 1865

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Confederacy en inglés americano

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Confederacynoun [ C/U ]

us /kənˈfed·ər·ə·si/ also confederacy

US history the eleven southern states that left the US and fought against the north in the US Civil War

A confederacy is also a confederation.

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