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conjecture en inglés británico

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conjecturenoun [ C or U ]

uk /kənˈdʒek.tʃər/ us /kənˈdʒek.tʃɚ/

conjectureverb [ I ]

uk /kənˈdʒek.tʃər/ us /kənˈdʒek.tʃɚ/ formal
adjective uk /kənˈdʒek.tʃə.rəl/ us /kənˈdʒek.tʃɚ.əl/

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conjecture en inglés americano

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conjecturenoun [ C/U ]

us /kənˈdʒek·tʃər/

an opinion or judgment that is not based on proof; a guess:

[ U ] What lay behind the decision is open to conjecture.
verb [ I/T ] us /kənˈdʒek·tʃər/

[ + that clause ] Some employees conjecture that it was a money-saving move.

(Definición de conjecture del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)