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Continental Congressnoun [ C usually singular ]

/ˌkɒn.tɪ.nen.təl ˈkɒŋ.ɡres/ /ˌkɑːn.t̬ən.en.t̬əl ˈkɑːŋ.ɡres/

Examples from literature

  • At the meeting of the first Continental Congress he opened the session with a prayer so eloquent and suitable that it attracted universal attention, and gave him at once a political standing of some little importance. 
  • At the same time the colonial legislatures promptly approved and agreed to sustain the acts of the Continental Congress. 
  • He first came into prominence in the Second Continental Congress, when, you recall, the brave men representing the several colonies decided that the time had come for the American people to declare themselves free and independent of England. 
  • When the first Continental Congress agreed not to allow the importation of British goods, it provided for the creation of local committees to enforce the rules. 

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Continental Congress en inglés americano

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Continental Congressnoun

US history one of several assemblies in the 1700s of representatives from each of the American colonies in which they organized against the British

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