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conveyor beltnoun [ C ]

uk /kənˈveɪ.ə ˌbelt/ us /kənˈveɪ.ɚ ˌbelt/ also conveyor

Examples from literature

  • A little farther on, the sound of shots ahead became audible over the clanking and rattling of the conveyor belts. 
  • One of the boys scouted ahead, and returned to report that they could reach the next conduit port, but that the section of both conveyor belts ahead of him was stopped, apparently wedged. 

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conveyor belt en inglés de negocios

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conveyor beltnoun [ C ]

uk us

PRODUCTION a continuous moving strip or surface that is used in the process of producing goods in a factory and for transporting objects from one part of a building to another:

If a conveyor belt moves too fast, parts may be damaged or the workers may not be able to keep up.
In my last job, I felt I was on a conveyor belt, with no time to think creatively.

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