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convinceverb [ T ]

uk /kənˈvɪns/ us /kənˈvɪns/

B1 to persuade someone or make someone certain:

He managed to convince the jury of his innocence.
[ + (that) ] It's useless trying to convince her (that) she doesn't need to lose any weight.
[ + to infinitive ] I hope this will convince you to change your mind.

Más ejemplos

  • Agricultural companies have failed to convince consumers that GM foods are safe.
  • His doctor tried to convince him that he wasn't really ill and that it was all in the mind.
  • Autosuggestion is the power of mind over matter - if you convince yourself that you are cured, you will be.
  • It took a lot of persuasion to convince the committee of the advantages of the new scheme.
  • Sometimes my imagination runs away with me and I convince myself that they are having an affair.

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convince en inglés americano

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convinceverb [ T ]

us /kənˈvɪns/

to cause someone to believe something or to do something:

We tried to convince my grandfather to live with us.
[ + (that) clause ] I’m convinced (that) she’s lying.

(Definición de convince del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)