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conynoun [ C or U ]

also coney uk /ˈkəʊ.ni/ us /ˈkoʊ.ni/ old use

Examples from literature

  • As he came close and could see their faces in the dingy twilight, he saw also that, though big, strapping fellows, the most of them were weeping, and shivering like conies in a trap. 
  • But these are conies of great mark and special character, full of light and leading, because they have been shot at, and understand how to avoid it henceforth. 
  • He sent us every day a brace or two of fat bucks, conies, hares, and fish, the best in the world. 
  • Moreover we had drifted even in this successful fight still nearer to the pass, so that the conies who dwelt there were beginning to consider whether they should not run into their holes. 
  • Once "the snow-white cony sought its evening meal," unconscious of our dangerous vicinity, issuing with erected ears from the wood edge. 

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