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corn en inglés británico

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uk /kɔːn/ us /kɔːrn/

corn noun (FOOD)

B1 [ U ] UK (the seeds of) plants, such as wheat, maize, oats, and barley, that can be used to produce flour:

a sheaf of corn
grains of corn

[ U ] mainly US UK usually maize a tall plant grown in many parts of the world for its yellow seeds, which are eaten as food, made into flour, or fed to animals:

corn-fed chickens
the corn-growing areas of the Midwest

[ U ] mainly US UK usually sweetcorn the seeds of a particular type of maize plant, eaten as a vegetable

Más ejemplos

  • A surplus of corn has helped depress the grain market.
  • Do you feed your chickens corn?
  • The corn grew waist-high in the fields.
  • The corn was stored in large sacks.
  • The corn was cut and tied in sheaves.

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corn en inglés americano

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us /kɔrn/

corn noun (FOOD)

[ U ] a tall plant grown for its whole yellow or white seeds which are eaten cooked, made into flour, or fed to animals:

Let’s pick up a half dozen ears of corn for supper.

corn noun (SKIN)

[ C ] a small, often painful area of hard skin that forms on the foot, esp. on the toes

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