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cornernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkɔː.nər/ us /ˈkɔːr.nɚ/

A2 the point, area, or line that is formed by the meeting of two lines, surfaces, roads, etc.:

You go around corners too fast when you're driving!
There's a postbox on the corner (= the place where the street crosses another).
Click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
I have a bruise where I hit my leg on the corner of the table.
They live just around/round the corner (= very close although not in the same road) - so we see them all the time.

C2 a part of a larger area, often somewhere quiet or far away:

They live in a remote corner of Scotland, miles from the nearest store.

a kick in football or a shot in hockey that is taken from the corner of the playing area

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uk /ˈkɔː.nər/ us /ˈkɔːr.nɚ/

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corner en inglés americano

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cornernoun [ C ]

us /ˈkɔr·nər/

the point or angle formed when two lines or surfaces meet:

the corner of a table
We could put that chair in the far corner of the room.

A corner is also a place where two streets meet:

I’ll meet you at the corner of Pine and Market at 7:30.

A corner can also be a part or area of a place:

They lived in a remote corner of Wyoming.

cornerverb [ I/T ]

us /ˈkɔr·nər/

to force a person or animal into a place or situation from which there is no escape:

[ T ] After a chase, the police cornered him in a hallway.

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corner en inglés de negocios

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cornerverb [ T ]

uk /ˈkɔːnər/ us COMMERCE
corner the market (in sth)

to get control of an area of business so that it is difficult for other companies to be successful in it:

Small low-cost airlines have cornered the market in cheap flights.

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