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costumiernoun [ C ]

uk /kɒsˈtʃuː.mi.eɪ/ us /kɑːˈstuː.mi.ɚ/ also costumer, /kɒsˈtjuːm.ər/ /kɑːˈstuː.mɚ/

Examples from literature

  • All that is beautiful about it is due principally to the scenic artists and the costumiers. 
  • As 'costumier' of the troupe I am accustomed to make all sorts of transformations, and can turn a miserable vagabond into an Alexander, or a vulgar wench into a princess. 
  • To paint a real historical picture one requires the assistance of a theatrical costumier and a photographer. 
  • Well, Jenkins, how are we this morning? said his excellency, approaching, while the costumier was picking up his fashion-plates, scattered over all the easy chairs. 
  • With a deftness that was worthy of a theatrical costumier, the detectives converted themselves and the two young men into ship's firemen. 

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