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us uk /ˈkʌn.tri/

country noun (POLITICAL UNIT)

A1 [ C ] an area of land that has its own government, army, etc.:

What is the largest country in Europe?
Sri Lanka is my native country, but I've been living in Belgium for the past five years.
The climate is cooler in the east of the country.
the country

C2 all the people who live in a country:

The whole country celebrated the signing of the peace treaty.

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country noun (NATURAL LAND)

A2 [ S or U ] land that is not in towns, cities, or industrial areas and is either used for farming or left in its natural condition:

He lives out in the country somewhere.
Would you prefer to live in the country instead of a town?
Country life isn't always as peaceful as city-dwellers think.
It's often quicker to travel across country and avoid the major roads completely.

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country noun (PARTICULAR AREA)

[ U ] an area of land considered in relation to a particular feature:

Stratford-upon-Avon is the capital of Shakespeare country.
The empty roads make this area good cycling country.

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us /ˈkʌn·tri/

country noun (POLITICAL UNIT)

[ C ] an area of land that forms an independent political unit with its own government; a nation considered esp. as a place:

Cuba is my native country, but I now live in Florida.

country noun (NATURAL LAND)

[ U ] land that is not in towns, cities, or industrial areas and is either used for farming or left in its natural condition:

I’m spending next weekend in the country with a friend.

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There is still a long and tough struggle to be undertaken to ensure that human rights are both accepted and observed in every country of the world.
Let us recall that the inspectors did not leave the country in 1998 of their own free will, but were expelled because the regime thought that the danger had passed.
One cannot help but see that if a country has very high unemployment and this unemployment does not go down, something is not right.
We also feel that the crisis in this country, consisting principally of the strikes and boycotting in the oil sector, has led to destabilisation which is not entirely coincidental.
We do not want any country on our borders to be isolated by its own will, or by the will of its regime.
In my country we have 3 million people on illegal drugs, 28% of them are 16-29 year olds, 14% of them are 14-15 year olds.
The third reason cited is that the regulations governing the immigration of third-country workers is apparently a cornerstone of general immigration policy.
Firstly in article 25, in which a host country is prohibited from issuing an expulsion order when the person concerned has obtained a permanent right of residence.
The copyright must be valid in the country in which it is sold; that is to say, it must have been registered and granted there.
If sustainable development is to be possible, each country must do more than it is currently doing, and together we must do more than we are currently doing.