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cowcatchernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkaʊˌkætʃ.ər/ us /ˈkaʊˌkætʃ.ɚ/ US

Examples from literature

  • As many wounded as possible were piled on to the engine, standing in the cab, lying on the tender, or clinging to the cowcatcher. 
  • Freight-trains passed southward, blue with men in the cars, and on top of the cars, and in the caboose, and on the cowcatcher, always going south and never north. 
  • I could only place stones on the line, but these were swept away by the cowcatcher, and so the train passed in safety. 
  • The engine itself had most of the cowcatcher torn off and the headlight smashed. 
  • Then I approached a station where the fireman always went out to the cowcatcher, opened the oil-cup on the steam-chest, and poured oil in. 

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