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crap en inglés británico

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uk /kræp/ us /kræp/

crap noun (BAD QUALITY)

[ U ] UK something that is not worth anything, not useful, nonsense, or of bad quality:

I can't believe she's trying to pass off this crap as art!
I've only read one novel by him and it was a load of crap.


uk /kræp/ us /kræp/ crapper, crappest UK offensive

US crappy of very bad quality:

A bad film? It was crap!
He watches a lot of crap TV.

not skilled or not organized:

He's totally crap at football.
I meant to invite him, but I've been a bit crap about asking people.

crapverb [ I ]

uk /kræp/ us /kræp/ -pp- UK offensive

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crap en inglés americano

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crapnoun [ U ]

us /kræp/ infml

something that is bad or worthless; nonsense:

She thinks that most of what’s on television now is crap.

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