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uk /krɒp/ us /krɑːp/

crop noun (GROUP)

[ C usually singular ] informal a group of people or things with something in common, that exist at a particular time:

The judges will select the best from this year's crop of first novels.


uk /krɒp/ us /krɑːp/ -pp-

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crop en inglés americano

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cropnoun [ C ]

us /krɑp/

crop noun [ C ] (PLANT)

a plant such as a grain, vegetable, or fruit grown in large amounts on a farm, or the total amount gathered of such a plant:

A crop is also any group of similar things or people:

We’ve got a new crop of students coming in every year.

cropverb [ T ]

us /krɑp/ -pp-

crop verb [ T ] (CUT)

to cut something to make it shorter:

The brothers both had their hair cropped.

Phrasal verb(s)

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cropnoun [ C ]

uk /krɒp/ us PRODUCTION

a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially for food:

The main crops grown for export are coffee and rice.
crop production.
Genetically modified crops continue to be controversial.

the total amount of a crop that is collected in one season:

Last year there was a bumper crop of maize (= a very large one).

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