Significado de “crow” - en el Diccionario Inglés

crownoun [ C ]

uk /krəʊ/ us /kroʊ/

crowverb [ I ]

uk /krəʊ/ us /kroʊ/ crowed or UK also crew

crow verb [ I ] (CRY)

When a cock (= an adult male chicken) crows, it makes a very long and loud sharp cry:

We were woken at dawn by a cock crowing repeatedly.

When a baby crows, it makes sudden cries of happiness.

crow verb [ I ] (TALK PROUDLY)

disapproving to talk in a proud and annoying way about something you have done:

He's always crowing about his latest triumph.

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crownoun [ C ]

us /kroʊ/

crow noun [ C ] (BIRD)

a large, black bird with a loud cry

crowverb [ I ]

us /kroʊ/ past tense and past participle crowed

crow verb [ I ] (CRY)

(of a male chicken) to make a loud cry:

Someone who crows expresses a lot of happiness or pride:

“I told you so,” my little brother crowed.

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