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cupiditynoun [ U ]

uk /kjuːˈpɪd.ə.ti/ us /kjuːˈpɪd.ə.t̬i/ formal

Examples from literature

  • Curiosity had been her ruling motive, far more than cupidity. 
  • Deciding, however, that his valuables were sufficiently protected, and that nothing was left out to excite the cupidity of a man to whom he had not been properly introduced, the person from Hartford went forth with a final retort. 
  • The sight of so much wealth arouses the cupidity of the knaves, and they at once brew a plot to murder the huntsman in his sleep. 
  • The wealth of her merchant princes had often tempted the cupidity of the despots of Asia. 
  • This colorless face expressed patience, commercial shrewdness, and the sort of wily cupidity which is needful in business. 

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