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Significado de “dance” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "dance" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /dɑːns/  us   /dæns/
A1 [I or T] to ​move the ​body and ​feet to ​music: We danced all ​night. We went dancing at a ​club. What ​kind of ​music do you like dancing to? Who was she dancing with at the ​party last ​night? Can you dance the ​tango? We ​playedourmusic and danced the ​night away. [I] literary to ​movequickly and ​lightly: The ​daffodils were dancing in the ​breeze. She ​watched the ​sunlight dancing on the ​water.
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  • He was too ​shy to ​ask her to dance with him.
  • The ​lights and ​loudmusic in the ​club made her ​want to dance.
  • He dances well for a man of his ​years.
  • They danced to the ​beat of the ​drums.
  • Come on, why aren't you dancing? Enjoy yourselves!


uk   /dɑːns/  us   /dæns/
B1 [C] a ​particularseries of ​movements that you ​perform to ​music or the ​type of ​music that is ​connected with it: The ​bandplayed a ​slow dance.A2 [C] a ​socialoccasion where ​people dance, ​especially a ​formaloccasion in a ​largeroom: They're having an end-of-term dinner-dance.A1 [C or U] the ​act of ​movingyourfeet and ​body to ​music: UK We had a dance. The bride's ​father gets the first dance at the ​wedding. a dance classA2 [U] the ​art of ​performing dances, ​especially as a ​form of ​entertainment: The ​performerstell the ​story through ​song and dance.
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Significado de "dance" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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danceverb [I/T]

 us   /dæns/
to move the ​body and ​feet in ​rhythm to ​music: [I] Who was she dancing with at the ​party? [T] They danced a ​waltz. If something dances, it moves ​quickly and ​easily: [I] Sunlight danced on the ​water.

dancenoun [C/U]

 us   /dæns/
an ​act of dancing, or a ​particular set of ​movements: [C] “May I have this dance?” he ​asked. [C] The next dance will be a ​waltz. [U] Do you take dance ​lessons? A dance is also a ​socialoccasion at which ​people dance: [C] the eighth-grade dance
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