Significado de “deck” - en el Diccionario Inglés

decknoun [ C ]

uk /dek/ us /dek/

deck noun [ C ] (FLOOR)

B2 a flat area for walking on, built across the space between the sides of a boat:

We sat on deck until it was dark.

one of the floors of a bus:

the upper/top deck of the bus

a wooden floor built outside, where people can sit and relax

below decks

on a level of a ship below the main deck:

Our cabin was below decks.

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deckverb [ T ]

uk /dek/ us /dek/

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decknoun [ C ]

us /dek/

deck noun [ C ] (FLOOR)

a wooden floor outside a house, usually with railings (= a low fence) and without a roof:

In summer, we always eat out on the deck – except when it rains.

A ship’s deck is a floor laid between the sides of the ship:

Waves washed over the deck.

deck noun [ C ] (SET OF CARDS)

also pack a set of cards used for playing card games

deckverb [ T ]

us /dek/ slang

deck verb [ T ] (HIT)

to hit someone and cause that person to fall:

A key player was decked three times during yesterday’s basketball game.

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