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uk /ˌdiː.kəmˈpres/ us /ˌdiː.kəmˈpres/

[ I or T ] to reduce in pressure or return to the original lower pressure, or to cause something to do this:

If a plane window breaks, the cabin will rapidly decompress.

specialized computing [ I or T ] to return to the original size, or to cause something to do this:

The computer chip compresses and decompresses a colour image in less than a second.

[ I, I or T ] mainly US informal to relax:

After two weeks' hiking we'll need a few days to decompress.

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decompressverb [ T ]

uk /ˌdiːkəmˈpres/ us

IT to change a computer file that has been made smaller back to its original size:

Zipped files require a special program to extract or decompress the data or information.
noun [ U ]

data decompression

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