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deemverb [ T not continuous ]

uk /diːm/ us /diːm/ formal

C2 to consider or judge something in a particular way:

[ + obj + noun/adj ] The area has now been deemed safe.
[ + obj + to infinitive ] Anyone not paying the registration fee by 31 March will be deemed to have withdrawn from the offer.

Más ejemplos

  • The story was deemed too controversial and so they spiked it.
  • She is currently deemed to be the best British athlete.
  • This survey is deemed to be a reliable barometer of public opinion.
  • Safflower oil is low in the sort of fats that are deemed to be bad for people's health.
  • It is deemed bad manners in some cultures to speak with your mouth full of food.

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deem en inglés americano

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deemverb [ T ]

us /dim/

to consider or judge:

The president asked Congress for authority to take whatever steps he deemed necessary, including the use of force.

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