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deep en inglés británico

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uk /diːp/ us /diːp/

deep adjective (LONG WAY DOWN)

A2 going or being a long way down from the top or surface, or being of a particular distance from the top to the bottom:

a deep well/mine
a deep river/sea
a deep cut
The hole is so deep you can't see the bottom.
The water's not deep here - look, I can touch the bottom.
Drill 20 holes, each 2 inches deep.
The water's only ankle/knee/waist-deep, so we'll be able to get across the river easily.
Take a few deep breaths (= breaths that fill the lungs with air) and calm down.

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deep adjective (LOW)

B2 (of a sound) low:

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deep adjective (COMPLICATED)

C2 showing or needing serious thought, or not easy to understand:

His films are generally too deep for me.

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deep adjective (FRONT TO BACK)

B2 If something is deep, it has a large distance between its edges, especially between its front and back edges:

Is the alcove deep enough for bookshelves?
The wardrobe is 2 m high, 1 m wide and 60 cm deep.
By midnight, there were customers standing six deep (= in six rows) at the bar.
deep in/inside/within sth

B1 near the middle of something, and a long distance from its edges:

Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother lived in a house deep in the forest.


uk /diːp/ us /diːp/


uk /diːp/ us /diːp/

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deep en inglés americano

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deepadjective, adverb [ -er/-est only ]

us /dip/

deep adjective, adverb [ -er/-est only ] (DOWN)

going or being a long way down from the top or surface, or being at a particular distance down from the top:

She had a deep cut on her left arm.
During the flood, the water in the basement was knee-deep (= it would reach the knees of an average adult).


us /dip/

deep adjective (FRONT TO BACK)

having a (sometimes stated) distance from front to back:

I want the bookcase shelves to be 12 inches deep.
The crowd along the parade route was six deep (= in six rows).

deep adjective (STRONGLY FELT)

strongly felt or experienced, or having a strong and lasting effect:

Our deep love for each other will last forever.
He awoke from a deep sleep.
Joseph, deep in thought (= thinking so much that he is not aware of others), didn’t hear Erin enter the room.

deep adjective (COMPLICATED)

[ -er/-est only ] difficult to understand; complicated:

His book on how the brain works is too deep for me.

deep adjective (LOW SOUND)

[ -er/-est only ] (of a sound) low:

He was a large man with a deep voice.

deep adjective (DARK)

[ -er/-est only ] (of a color) strong and dark:

The sky is a deep blue.

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deep en inglés de negocios

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deepadjective [ usually before noun ]

uk /diːp/ us

very large or serious:

Employees were forced to accept deep cuts in pay and benefits.
a deep recession.
These deep discounts will be a major factor in stimulating local telephone competition in Pennsylvania.
in deep trouble

experiencing very serious problems:

But the question is whether any business strategy can save a company in such deep trouble.
be in/get into deep water

to be in or get into serious trouble:

The main problem's going to be cash flow. It's the same in any business that gets into deep water.
deep in debt

owing a very large amount of money:

Why are the banks willing to allow people like this to get even deeper into debt?
deep pockets

if you say that an organization or a person has deep pockets, you mean that they have a lot of money to spend:

The sleek new car promises to do well, but it takes deep pockets to market premium cars across Europe.
jump in/throw sb in at the deep end

to start, or make someone start, doing something new and difficult without help or preparation:

When new people start in our call centre, we give them basic training in all our systems and then throw them in at the deep end on day one.

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