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defendernoun [ C ]

uk /dɪˈfen.dər/ us /dɪˈfen.dɚ/

defender noun [ C ] (PROTECTOR)

someone who protects a place against attack, or who believes in and supports a person, idea, plan, etc.:

The city's defenders were outnumbered by the besieging army.
So far they have found few defenders of their point of view on campus.

Más ejemplos

  • He gained a reputation as being a staunch defender of civil rights.
  • She is a strict defender of Catholic orthodoxy.
  • The defender launched himself at the attacking player, bringing him to the ground.
  • He produced a brilliant feint, passed two defenders, and smashed the ball into the net.
  • The defenders repelled the attack without losing any men.

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defender en inglés americano

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defendernoun [ C ]

us /dɪˈfen·dər/

defender noun [ C ] (PERSON WHO PROTECTS)

a person who supports someone or something, esp. when attacked or criticized:

She is a defender of women’s rights.

defender noun [ C ] (SPORTS)

someone on a team who tries to prevent the other team from scoring points:

Murray dribbled past a defender and fired the ball right into the basket.

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