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dignitynoun [ U ]

uk /ˈdɪɡ.nə.ti/ us /ˈdɪɡ.ə.t̬i/

C2 calm, serious, and controlled behaviour that makes people respect you:

He is a man of dignity and calm determination.
She has a quiet dignity about her.
I think everyone should be able to die with dignity.

the importance and value that a person has, that makes other people respect them or makes them respect themselves:

How could you wear something so indecent? Have you no dignity?
In hospital, she felt stripped of all her dignity.
He longs for a society in which the dignity of all people is recognized.

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dignitynoun [ U ]

us /ˈdɪɡ·nɪ·t̬i/

the quality of a person that makes him or her deserving of respect, sometimes shown in behavior or appearance:

Laws of privacy are designed to protect the dignity of individuals.

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