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dining carnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˈdaɪ.nɪŋ ˌkɑːr/ us /ˈdaɪ.nɪŋ ˌkɑːr/ US UK restaurant car

Examples from literature

  • The trains had no dining cars, so passengers ate in the Cascade Station dining hall with the workers. 
  • Ask the dining car steward to see that he eats dinner on something better than candy bars. 
  • Breakfast will soon be served in the dining car. 
  • He raced back through two chair cars and a tourist sleeper, and he entered the dining car with an emphasis that kept the screen door swinging for a full half minute. 
  • The dining car has resumed its restaurant appearance, and here is the wedding banquet, instead of the usual fare. 
  • The train is no sooner off than the passengers go to the dining car. 

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