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director en inglés británico

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directornoun [ C ]

uk /daɪˈrek.tər/ /dɪˈrek.tər/ us /daɪˈrek.tɚ/ /dɪˈrek.tɚ/

director noun [ C ] (MANAGER)

B1 a manager of an organization, company, college, etc.:

the board of directors
She has become the director of the new information centre.

US someone in charge of a school for very young children

Más ejemplos

  • Has the director given you permission to do that?
  • He's just been appointed (as) director of the publishing division.
  • The education director is trying to obtain additional funding for the school.
  • The new director is likely to make major changes in personnel.
  • There's a board of five directors, but she is the Managing Director.
adjective uk /ˌdɪr.ekˈtɔː.ri.əl/ us /ˌdɪr.ekˈtɔːr.i.əl/

Is she ready for directorial responsibility?

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director en inglés americano

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directornoun [ C ]

us /dəˈrek·tər, dɑɪ-/

a person in charge of an organization or of a particular part of a company’s business:

a marketing director

A director is also a person who tells actors in a movie or play how to play their parts.

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director en inglés de negocios

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directornoun [ C ]

uk /dɪˈrektər/ us WORKPLACE, MANAGEMENT

also company director one of the managers who control a company or an organization:

He became director of the new Royal Lyceum Theatre Company
serve as/act as a director She is retiring after serving as a director for two three-year terms.
be made/be appointed/be elected (as) a director I joined the company in 1999 and was appointed director last year.
resign/step down as director She told staff she would step down as director immediately.

a person who leads or controls a particular department or activity in an organization:

editorial director

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