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dirtnoun [ U ]

uk /dɜːt/ us /dɝːt/

dirt noun [ U ] (NOT CLEAN)

B1 dust, soil, or any substance that makes a surface not clean:

His coat was covered with dirt.

mainly US soil on the ground:

I've been digging in the dirt, planting seeds.

informal solid waste:

I got some dog dirt on my shoes.

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dirt noun [ U ] (GOSSIP)

informal unpleasant or bad details about someone's private life that are repeated or published to influence people's opinion of them in a negative way:

Journalists are always digging for (= trying to discover) dirt.

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dirtnoun [ U ]

us /dɜrt/

dirt noun [ U ] (EARTH)

earth or a substance like it that has gotten on the surface of something such as your skin:

I sat on the ground and got dirt on my pants.

Dirt is also loose earth on the ground:

After the rain, the woods smelled of wet dirt and greenery.

Dirt is also the earth considered as a surface:

The basement has a dirt floor.

dirt noun [ U ] (INFORMATION)

personal information about something wrong that someone has done:

They are more interested in looking for dirt than in reporting fairly about him.

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