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discriminate en inglés británico

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uk /dɪˈskrɪm.ɪ.neɪt/ us /dɪˈskrɪm.ə.neɪt/
adjective uk /dɪˈskrɪm.ɪ.nə.tər.i/ us /dɪˈskrɪm.ə.nə.tɔːri/

discriminatory legislation/laws/practices

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discriminate en inglés americano

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us /dɪˈskrɪm·əˌneɪt/

discriminate verb (TREAT WORSE)

[ I ] to treat a person or particular group of people differently and esp. unfairly, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated:

It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or age.
They argued that whites in the area in the 1800s discriminated against the Lakota.

discriminate verb (SEE A DIFFERENCE)

[ I/T ] to be able to see the difference between two things or types of things:

[ I ] We need to discriminate between stopgap methods and long-term solutions.

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discriminate en inglés de negocios

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discriminateverb [ I ]

uk /dɪˈskrɪmɪneɪt/ us

to treat particular people, companies, or products differently from others, especially in an unfair way:

Under the law, the state must administer its programs in ways that do not discriminate against anyone based on race.
discriminate on the basis of/on the grounds of sth The board ruled that the company had committed "unfair labor practices" by discriminating on the basis of union membership.
discriminate between sb/sth (and sb/sth) The government was accused of putting up tariffs and discriminating between domestic and foreign firms.

to be able to recognize the difference between people or things:

discriminate between sb/sth (and sb/sth) Conventional credit scoring systems do not reliably discriminate between good and bad payers among people in the 18 to 25 age group.

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