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diversitynoun [ S or U ]

uk /daɪˈvɜː.sə.ti/ us /dɪˈvɝː.sə.t̬i/

C1 the fact of many different types of things or people being included in something; a range of different things or people:

Does television adequately reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country?

the fact that there are many different ideas or opinions about something:

There is a wide diversity of opinion on the question of unilateral disarmament.

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diversitynoun [ U ]

us /dɪˈvɜr·sɪ·t̬i, dɑɪ-/

the condition or fact of being different or varied; variety:

a wide diversity of opinion/ideas

social studies Diversity is also the mixture of races and religions that make up a group of people.

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uk /daɪˈvɜːsəti/ us

[ U ] HR, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY the fact of there being people of many different groups in society, within an organization, etc.:

cultural/ethnic diversity
We are an equal opportunities employer committed to diversity in the workplace.

[ S or U ] the fact of there being many different things existing together in a group:

There seemed to to be an infinite diversity of possibilities.

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Also, there should be due evaluation of the benefits of pulses for biological diversity and reducing the use of nitrogenous fertilisers, and their positive effects on soil preservation.
Emotions run high where food is concerned: against globalisation, large-scale production and genetic modification, and in favour of local produce, tradition and diversity.
There are problems with the diversity of instruments and the duplication of procedures, but the real problem is the lack of political will.
I would add that the quality and diversity of the members appointed has, due to their training, their background and their political beliefs, indisputably provided a rich resource.
A good balance was struck between the legitimate concerns surrounding issues such as cultural diversity, in particular, and the effectiveness of our powers of negotiating with our trading partners.
Literature likewise plays an important part in the way it transmits our cultural heritage, increases mutual familiarity and preserves linguistic wealth and the diversity of tongues.
Lastly, common regulations should be promoted so that the information society benefits all citizens and is based on equality of access, freedom of information and cultural diversity.
The cultural and linguistic diversity of broadcasts must continue to be fully guaranteed and the interests of consumers and their investment in television equipment must be safeguarded.
All-embracing budget lines of this kind blur our cultural and political diversity and increase the distance between ourselves and the citizen.
Furthermore, it is not a fair directive because it ignores the large uninhabited areas, climatic diversity, desert areas and arid areas.