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divertverb [ T ]

uk /daɪˈvɜːt/ us /dɪˈvɝːt/

divert verb [ T ] (CHANGE DIRECTION)

C2 to cause something or someone to change direction:

Traffic will be diverted through the side streets while the main road is resurfaced.
Our flight had to be diverted to Newark because of the storm.

to use something for a different purpose:

Should more funds/money/resources be diverted from roads into railways?

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divert en inglés americano

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divertverb [ T ]

us /dɪˈvɜrt, dɑɪ-/

divert verb [ T ] (CHANGE DIRECTION)

to cause something or someone to turn in a different direction:

Our flight was diverted from San Francisco to Oakland because of the fog.

To divert something or someone is also to cause the thing or person to be used for a different purpose:

The administration had to divert funds from the defense budget to pay for the emergency relief effort.

divert verb [ T ] (TAKE ATTENTION AWAY)

to take attention away from something:

Military action now could divert attention from imminent votes in Congress on health-care legislation.

fml To divert can also mean to amuse:

The dog kept the children diverted for a while.

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divertverb [ T ]

uk /daɪˈvɜːt/ us

to use something such as money for a purpose that is different from the main one or the one that was originally planned:

divert sth to sb/sth Mutuals tend to pay out more than quoted insurers because they do not have to divert a chunk of their profits to shareholders.
divert sth from sth to/into sth The company is to divert resources from its traditional retail interiors operation into its furniture business.

to take a person's or people's attention away from something so that they think about something else:

The news of his appointment diverted attention from a 20% fall in pretax profit.

COMMERCE to sell goods or services in a different place from the place where it was planned that they should be sold:

If you see a hair care product that you think may be an illegally diverted product, call the brand manufacturer right away.

TRANSPORT to change the way that goods are sent or the place that they are sent to:

Many of the shipments have been diverted from air to rail.
Shipping lines were considering diverting their vessels to other major Japanese ports to unload cargo.

COMMUNICATIONS to arrange for phone calls to go directly to another number:

A phone can be set to divert a call when the line is busy.

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