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divine en inglés británico

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uk /dɪˈvaɪn/ us /dɪˈvaɪn/

divine adjective (GOD-LIKE)

connected with a god, or like a god:

Some fans seem to regard the players as divine beings.
divine intervention (= help from God)
Just because you've been promoted that doesn't give you a divine right (= one like that of a god) to tell us all what to do.
adverb uk /dɪˈvaɪ us /dɪˈvaɪ


uk /dɪˈvaɪn/ us /dɪˈvaɪn/ formal

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divine en inglés americano

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us /dɪˈvɑɪn/

divine adjective (GODLIKE)

[ not gradable ] connected with or like God or a god:

divine love

divine adjective (VERY GOOD)

infml extremely good or pleasing:

The dessert was simply divine.
adverb [ not gradable ] us /dɪˈvɑɪn·li/

divinely inspired truth
adverb us /dɪˈvɑɪn·li/


She sings divinely.

divineverb [ T ]

us /dɪˈvɑɪn/

divine verb [ T ] (GUESS)

to guess something, or to discover something without being told about it:

[ + that clause ] I divined from his grim expression that the news was bad.

(Definición de divine del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)