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dope en inglés británico

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uk /dəʊp/ us /doʊp/

dopeverb [ T ]

uk /dəʊp/ us /doʊp/

to give a person or an animal drugs in order to make them perform better or worse in a competition:

They were arrested for doping racehorses.

to give a person or an animal a drug to make them want to sleep:

We always have to dope up our cat for long car journeys.


/dəʊp/ /doʊp/ slang

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dope en inglés americano

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us /doʊp/

dope noun (DRUG)

[ U ] infml any illegal drug

dope noun (PERSON)

[ C ] infml a stupid or foolish person:

You shouldn’t have told him, you dope!

dope noun (INFORMATION)

[ U ] slang information known by only a few people:

A new column of inside dope about the film industry begins next month.

(Definición de dope del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)