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dosenoun [ C ]

uk /dəʊs/ us /doʊs/

B2 a measured amount of something such as medicine:

a high/low dose
a dose of penicillin
The label says to take one dose three times a day.
20 or 30 of these pills would be a lethal dose (= enough to kill you).

B2 an amount or experience of something, often something bad or unpleasant:

The government received a hefty dose of bad news this week.
UK She's got a nasty dose of flu.

UK slang a case of gonorrhoea (= a disease of the sexual organs)

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doseverb [ T ]

uk /dəʊs/ us /doʊs/ UK

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dosenoun [ C ]

us /doʊs/

a measured amount of a drug:

She was given large doses of a powerful antibiotic.

A dose is also an amount of something:

Stories of dramatic cancer cures should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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