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double dipnoun [ C ]

uk us

ECONOMICS →  double-dip recession

FINANCE a situation in which, if a company is sold, a shareholder has the right to receive both a particular price for their shares and money from the sale of the company’s assets

double-dipverb [ I ]

/ˌdʌbl̩ˈdɪp/ uk us US FINANCE

to receive income from two places, for example from a government pension while employed by the government, or from two different government pensions:

A loophole in federal law allows teachers to "double dip" in both a state retirement system and the Social Security system.
noun [ U ]

The legislation would not outlaw "double dipping" - drawing a state salary for a full-time job and also being paid as a lawmaker.
noun [ C ]

The law will prevent double dippers, who draw two paychecks, from serving on the Joint Finance Committee, which writes the annual budget bill.

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