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Significado de “drain” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "drain" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /dreɪn/  us   /dreɪn/
  • drain verb (REMOVE LIQUID)

C2 [I or T] If you drain something, you ​remove the ​liquid from it, usually by ​pouring it away or ​allowing it to ​flow away, and if something drains, ​liquidflows away or out of it: Drain the ​pastathoroughly. We drained the ​pond and ​filled it with ​freshwater. Drain (off) any ​liquid that is ​left in the ​rice. Don't ​botherdrying the ​pans - just ​leave them to drain.
[T] If you drain a ​glass or ​cup, you ​drink all the ​liquid in it.

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  • drain verb (MAKE TIRED)

C2 [T] to make someone very ​tired: The ​longjourneycompletely drained me.
  • drain verb (REDUCE)

C2 [I or T] to ​reduce or ​cause something to ​reduce: The ​longwar had drained the ​resources of both ​countries. War drains a ​nation ofitsyouth and ​itswealth (= uses them until they are gone).
[I] If the ​blood/​colour drains from ​yourface, or if ​yourface drains (of ​blood/​colour), you ​turn very ​pale, often because you are ​shocked or ​ill: The ​colour drained from hisface/​cheeks when they told him the ​results.
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uk   /dreɪn/  us   /dreɪn/
  • drain noun (PIPE)

C2 [C] a ​pipe or channel that is used to ​carry away ​wastematter and ​water from a ​building, or an ​opening in the ​road that ​rainwater can ​flow down: I ​think the ​kitchen drain is ​blocked. She ​accidentallydropped her ​ring down a drain in the ​road.
drains [plural] UK
the ​system of ​pipes, ​openings in the ​ground, or other ​devices that are used for ​carrying away ​wastematter and ​water: There was an ​unpleasantsmell coming from the drains.
[C] US (UK plughole) a ​hole in a ​bath, ​sink, etc. through which ​waterflows away and into which you can put a ​plug

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  • drain noun (MAKE TIRED)

[S] something that makes you ​feel very ​tired: I ​think taking ​care of her ​elderlymother is a ​big drain on her ​energy.
(Definition of drain from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "drain" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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drainverb [I/T]

 us   /dreɪn/
to ​allow or ​causeliquid to ​flow away from something: [I] Wash the ​lettuce in the ​sink and ​let it drain. [T] Drain the ​lettuce and then ​pat it ​dry with ​papertowels.
If something drains you, it makes you very ​tired: [T] It drains you to ​work with a ​class of 20 four-year-olds, ​let me ​tell you.

drainnoun [C]

 us   /dreɪn/
a ​pipe or ​channel that ​carries away ​wastewater or other ​liquids: She ​spilled some ​sugar in the ​sink and ​washed it down the drain.
Something that is a drain on you ​takes away a lot of ​yourenergy and makes you ​tired: Taking ​care of his ​sickmother was ​quite a drain on him.
If something is a drain on ​yourmoney or something ​else, it uses a lot of it or makes it ​weaker: Having two ​mortgages was a ​tremendous drain on ​theirresources.
(Definition of drain from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "drain" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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drainnoun [C, usually singular]

uk   us   /dreɪn/
something that uses too much of your ​energy, ​money, or ​time: Having a ​bigmortgage is a ​real drain on your ​earnings. Unexpected ​repairs to the ​building have been a huge drain on our ​financial resources. The company's ​pensionliability has become a cash drain.
down the drain informal
completely ​wasted or spoiled: When the ​project was ​scrapped, all our ​efforts went down the drain. People ​feel that ​rentingproperty is money down the drain.
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uk   us   /dreɪn/
[T] to ​reduce or ​remove a large ​amount of something: drain sth from sth The ​government is enforcing a ​deal that ​allows it to drain ​billions from ​miners' ​pensionschemes.drain reserves/resources They took on ​work that was not ​profitable, draining ​cashresources.
[I] to disappear gradually: How can we make sure ​business does not drain out of the country? The riches ​lured in too much ​competition and ​profits are now beginning to drain away.
(Definition of drain from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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