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Significado de “draw” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "draw" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /drɔː/  us   /drɑː/ (drew, drawn)

draw verb (PICTURE)

A1 [I or T] to make a ​picture of something or someone with a ​pencil or ​pen: Jonathan can draw very well. The ​children drew ​pictures of ​theirfamilies. Draw a ​line at the ​bottom of the ​page.
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draw verb (ATTRACT)

B2 [T] to ​attractattention or ​interest: He's an ​excellentspeaker who always draws a ​crowd. Could I draw ​your attention toitemnumber three on the ​agenda?UK Does he ​wear those ​ridiculousclothes to draw attention to himself?draw sb's eye(s) to ​attract someone's ​attention: Her ​eyes were ​immediately drawn to the ​tallblond man ​standing at the ​bar.
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draw verb (MAKE)

C2 [T] formal to make or show a ​comparison between things: You can't really draw a comparison between the two ​cases - they're ​completely different. It's sometimes very ​difficult to draw a ​clear distinction between the ​meanings of different words.draw a conclusion B2 to ​consider the ​facts of a ​situation and make a ​decision about what is ​true, ​correct, ​likely to ​happen, etc.: I'd ​seen them together so often, I drew the ​logicalconclusion that they were ​husband and ​wife.
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draw verb (MOVE)

B2 [I + adv/prep] to ​move in a ​particulardirection, ​especially in a ​vehicle: The ​trainslowly drew into the ​station/drew in. As we drew alongside (= ​reached) the ​blackcar, I ​suddenlyrecognized my ex-boyfriend at the ​wheel.UK Montgomery drew level with Greene in the 100 ​metresfinal, but never ​passed him.draw near, close, etc. B2 to ​becomenearer in ​space or ​time: As ​Christmas draws ​nearer, the ​bigstoresstart to get ​unbearablycrowded. As she drew ​closer, I ​realized that I ​knew her.draw to a close/an end C2 to ​graduallyfinish: As the ​evening drew to a ​close, ​peoplestartedreaching for ​theircoats.
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draw verb (CAUSE)

[T] If something draws a ​reaction, ​peoplereact in the ​stated way: Her ​speech last ​night in the Senate drew an ​angry response.
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draw verb (PULL)

C2 [T + adv/prep] to ​pull or ​direct something in a ​particulardirection: She drew her ​coattightly around her ​shoulders. The ​crowdwatched as the ​referee drew the ​player aside/to one ​side and ​spoke to him.draw the curtains to ​pullcurtains so that they are either together or ​apart

draw verb (CHOOSE)

[I or T] to ​choose a ​number, ​card, etc. from several ​numbers, ​cards, etc. without first ​seeing it, in a ​competition or a ​game: I was ​dealt two ​aces, and I drew a third.

draw verb (TAKE OUT)

[T] to take something out of a ​container or ​yourpocket, ​especially a ​weapon: Suddenly he drew a gun/​knife and ​held it to my ​throat. [T] to ​cause a ​substance, ​especiallyblood, to come out of a ​body: He ​bit me so hard that it drew blood.

draw verb (GET)

[T] to get a ​feeling, ​idea, etc. from something or someone: She drew ​comfort from the ​fact that he ​diedpeacefully.

draw verb (BREATHE)

[I or T] to take ​air or ​smoke into ​yourlungs: She drew a ​deep breath and ​plunged into the ​water.

draw verb (EQUAL)

C1 [I] UK to ​finish a ​game with the same ​number of ​points as the other ​person or ​team: Coventry drew 1–1 with United in the ​semifinal.

draw verb (MONEY)

[T + prep] to get ​money from a ​bank, ​account, etc. so that you can use it: I drew some money out of my ​account to ​pay for ​ourtrip. [T] to ​receivemoneyregularly, ​especially as an ​employee or from the ​government: He's been drawing a ​pension for ten ​years.


uk   /drɔː/  us   /drɑː/

draw noun (ATTRACTION)

[C usually singular] someone or something that a lot of ​people are ​interested in: We need someone at the ​event who'll be a big draw and ​attract the ​payingpublic.

draw noun (EQUAL SCORE)

[C] UK a ​situation in which each ​team in a ​game has ​equalpoints and neither ​sidewins: The ​result was a draw.

draw noun (COMPETITION)

[C] UK (US also drawing) a ​competition that is ​decided by ​choosing a ​particularticket or ​number by ​chance
(Definition of draw from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "draw" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /drɔ/ (past tense drew  /dru/ , past participle drawn  /drɔn/ )

draw verb (PICTURE)

[I/T] to make a ​picture of something or someone with a ​pencil, ​pen, etc.: [T] The ​child drew a ​picture of a ​dog.

draw verb (MOVE)

[I always + adv/prep] to move in a ​particulardirection: As we drew near, a ​dogstarted to ​bark.

draw verb (PULL/PULL IN)

[I/T] to ​pull or ​direct something or someone in a ​particulardirection, or ​attract someone toward a ​particularplace: [T] The Grand Canyon draws millions of tourists each ​year. [T] I would like to ​thank Professor Reynolds for drawing my ​attention to this ​article. [I/T] To draw is also to ​pull together or ​close something ​covering a ​window, so that no one can ​see you: [T] She drew the ​blinds and ​sat down to ​read. [I/T] To draw is also to ​suck in: [I] He ​sharply drew in his ​breath.

draw verb (TAKE OUT)

[T] to ​remove something: It was my ​turn to draw a ​card.

draw verb (DECIDE ON)

[T] to ​decide on something as a ​result of ​thinking about it: We can draw some ​conclusions about the ​causes of this ​disease.

draw verb (CAUSE)

[T] to ​cause a ​reaction from someone: The ​criticism drew an ​angryresponse from the ​mayor.

drawnoun [C]

 us   /drɔ/

draw noun [C] (ATTRACTION)

infml someone or something that ​attracts a lot of ​interest, esp. of ​payingcustomers: Every ​teamneeds a ​superstar who will be a ​big draw.

draw noun [C] (GAME RESULT)

(in ​sports and ​games) a ​situation in which each ​side or ​team has ​equalpoints or is in an ​equalposition and neither ​sidewins: The ​hockeygameended in a draw, 2 to 2.
(Definition of draw from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "draw" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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drawverb [T]

uk   us   /drɔː/ (drew, drawn)
(also withdraw) BANKING to get ​money from a ​bank or an ​account so that you can use it: draw money/cash from sth Customers will be ​charged each ​time they draw ​cash from the ​cashdispensers. The ​company is now able to draw ​money from the £10m ​loan it has ​negotiated with Royal Bank of Scotland.
FINANCE to receive ​moneyregularly, especially as an ​employee or from the ​government: The ​chiefexecutive drew £1million last ​year in ​salary and ​bonuses. draw a ​salary/​pension
BANKING to write out a ​cheque and receive ​money for it: draw a cheque on an account/a bank Consumers nowadays ​routinelypay for ​goods not with ​cash or ​cheques drawn on their ​bankaccounts but with ​creditcards. US Dollar ​cheques can be ​accepted if they are drawn on a ​bank with ​clearingfacilities in the UK.
FINANCE, COMMERCE to write a bill of ​exchange (= ​document used in ​trade that ​orderspayment for ​goods or ​services): draw a bill of exchange on sb Bills of ​exchange are drawn on ​buyers and ​accepted when the ​sellerhands over the ​bill of lading ​covering the ​goods.

drawnoun [C]

uk   us   /drɔː/
someone or something that ​attracts a lot of ​people: With an ice rink and indoor ​turffield, the complex has been popular and a draw forout-of-town visitors.a big/huge draw As in China, the ​big draw is India's ​massive and ​lucrativedomesticmarketpotential.
[usually singular] an ​act of using some of the ​supply of something, especially ​oil or ​gas, or the ​amount that is used: Oil ​prices continued to ​rise yesterday amid fears that ​figures from America will show another ​big draw on ​stocks.
something that uses up ​part of a ​supply of something: The ​trainingprogram is a draw on all our ​resources.
(Definition of draw from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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