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dreamnoun [ C ]

uk /driːm/ us /driːm/

dream noun [ C ] (SLEEP)

A2 a series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping:

a good/bad dream
a recurring dream
I had a very strange dream about you last night.
[ + that ] Paul had a dream that he won the lottery.

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dream noun [ C ] (HOPE)

B1 something that you want to happen very much but that is not very likely:

It's always been my dream to have flying lessons.
Winning all that money was a dream come true.
of your dreams

the best that you can imagine:

Win the house of your dreams in our fantastic competition!

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uk /driːm/ us /driːm/
dream house, job, etc.

the perfect house, job, etc., that you want more than any other


uk /driːm/ us /driːm/ dreamed or dreamt, dreamed or dreamt

dream verb (SLEEP)

A2 [ I or T ] to experience events and images in your mind while you are sleeping:

What did you dream about last night?
I often dream about/of flying.
[ + that ] I dreamed that I was having a baby.

[ I or T ] mainly UK to imagine that you have heard, done, or seen something when you have not:

Did you say that you were going tonight or did I dream it?
I thought I'd bought some polish and it seems I haven't - I must have been dreaming.

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dream verb (HOPE)

B1 [ I ] to imagine something that you would like to happen:

I dream of living on a tropical island.
[ + that ] He never dreamed that one day he would become president.
dream on informal

used to tell someone that what they are hoping for is not likely to happen or to be true:

"Watch. All I have to do is wink at her, and she'll come over here." "Dream on, Dave!"

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dream en inglés americano

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dreamnoun [ C ]

us /drim/

dream noun [ C ] (SLEEP)

the activities, images, and feelings experienced by the mind during sleep:

In the dream I had last night, someone was chasing me, but I didn’t know who it was.

dream noun [ C ] (HOPE)

an event or condition that you hope for very much, although it is not likely to happen:

It was his dream to be a dancer.

Dream is sometimes used before a noun when you want to say that something is almost perfect:

If there were one more bedroom, it would be my dream house.



us /drim/ past tense and past participle dreamed /drimd, dremt/ dreamt /dremt/

dream verb (SEE IMAGES)

to experience activities, images, and feelings in your mind during sleep:

[ I ] What did you dream about last night?
[ + that clause ] I dreamed that I was in a boat on a big lake, and I was trying to get back to land.

dream verb (HOPE)

[ I ] to desire something very much and hope that it happens:

Ever since that defeat, he had dreamed of revenge.

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