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dribble en inglés británico

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dribbleverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈdrɪb.əl/ us /ˈdrɪb.əl/

dribble verb [ I or T ] (FLOW SLOWLY)

to (cause a liquid to) flow very slowly in small amounts:

The water was barely dribbling out of the tap.
UK Dribble the remaining olive oil over the tomatoes.
noun [ C ] uk /ˈdrɪb.əl.ər/ us /ˈdrɪb.əl.ɚ/

He's a good dribbler.
noun [ U ] uk /ˈdrɪb.əl.ɪŋ/ us /ˈdrɪb.əl.ɪŋ/


uk /ˈdrɪb.əl/ us /ˈdrɪb.əl/

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dribble en inglés americano

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us /ˈdrɪb·əl/

dribble verb (MOVE SLOWLY)

[ I ] to move or happen slowly in small amounts or a few at a time:

Customers dribbled in and out all day.

[ I ] When a liquid dribbles, it escapes slowly in small drops:

Juice dribbled down the baby’s chin.

dribble verb (MOVE BALL)

[ I/T ] in basketball, to move a ball by using your hand to bounce it against the ground, or in soccer by kicking it repeatedly

dribblenoun [ C ]

us /ˈdrɪb·əl/

dribble noun [ C ] (SMALL FLOW)

a small flow, esp. of liquid:

Water leaked from the tank in dribbles.

dribble noun [ C ] (MOVING A BALL)

in basketball or soccer, the act of moving a ball by bouncing or kicking it:

He took one dribble and then passed the ball.

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