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dukenoun [ C ]

uk /dʒuːk/ us /duːk/

a man of very high rank in a country, or the ruler of a small independent country


  • They claim to be descendants of a French duke.
  • They trace their line of descent back to a French duke.
  • The duke is desirous of meeting you.
  • The order of precedence for titled nobility in Britain is duke, marquis, earl, viscount, baron.
  • The play revolves round the betrothal of a duke to a doctor's daughter.

Examples from literature

  • And finally, as you saw, she drove off to the house of the duke, still in high good humor. 
  • It was the king and the duke. 
  • The duke was thinking he'd been doing pretty well till the king come to show up, but after that he didn't think so so much. 
  • There is only one difficulty, duke. 
  • Whatever he might pretend, the duke secretly confessed his son's superiority and his genius for intrigue, and he was now extremely anxious to consult him. 

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duke en inglés americano

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dukenoun [ C ]

us /duk/

(in some countries) a title of a man who has a very high social rank or who is the ruler of a small, independent country, or the person himself

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