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uk /daɪˈnæm.ɪks/ us /daɪˈnæm.ɪks/

[ plural ] forces that produce movement:

This software is used for modelling atmospheric dynamics.

[ plural ] forces or processes that produce change inside a group or system:

The fight for the leadership gave a fascinating insight into the group's dynamics.

[ plural ] specialized music changes in loudness in a piece of music

[ U ] specialized physics the scientific study of the forces that produce movement

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dynamics en inglés americano

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dynamicsplural noun

us /dɑɪˈnæm·ɪks/

forces that produce movement or change:

The fight for the leadership revealed a lot about the group’s dynamics.

physics Dynamics is also the scientific study of the forces that produce movement.

music Dynamics are how loud or soft music is sung or played, or the words and signs that show this.

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