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eau de colognenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˌəʊ də kəˈləʊn/ us /ˌoʊ də kəˈloʊn/ plural eaux de cologne

Examples from literature

  • Can you give me five minutes to lie down quite flat and dab my forehead with eau de cologne? 
  • He was provided with scent and eau de cologne. 
  • I uncorked a bottle of eau de cologne, one of lavender-water, and a little bottle of new-mown hay, so that she might have a choice. 
  • It seemed to be a curious compound of incense, cabbage, garlic and eau de cologne, with a suggestion of camel. 
  • She fussed around me, covering me up and offering smelling salts and eau de cologne for my head. 

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