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uk /ˌiːkəˈnɒmɪkli/ /ekə-/ us /-ˈnɑːmɪ-/

ECONOMICS in a way that relates to a country's trade, industry, and money:

Economically the country has been improving steadily these past ten years.
economically depressed/backward/disadvantaged The neighborhood is one of Lexington's most economically depressed areas.
economically powerful/prosperous/developed

ECONOMICS in a way that relates to making a profit:

Is the service economically viable for providers?
The project is no longer economically justified.
What can we do to dramatically reduce emissions in an economically sustainable way?
economically active

ECONOMICS working and therefore making money for yourself and the economy of your country:

40% of disabled people are economically active compared to 83% of non-disabled people.

in a way that does not use a lot of fuel, money, space, etc.:

We need to deliver services much more economically.

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