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empanelverb [ T ]

-ll- or US usually -l- also impanel -ll- or US usually -l- uk /ɪmˈpæn.əl/ us /ɪmˈpæn.əl/ specialized

Examples from literature

  • A jury was speedily empaneled, the low, stern tones of the judge were heard in timely admonition, and the prosecution was commenced. 
  • Crier, open the court and let the jury be empaneled. 
  • First there was the lengthy process of empanelling a jury, with the inevitable accompaniment of challenges and objections, until the most unintelligent looking dozen of the panel finally found themselves in the jury box. 
  • On the day the jury was empanelled, the prisoner and every one else knew what it was to be. 
  • When the coroner arrived, soon after six o'clock, a jury was empanelled and witnesses sworn. 

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